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8 Signs of a Great Allied Healthcare Travel Staffing Firm

Whether you are considering making the leap into travel healthcare or looking for a new allied healthcare travel staffing partner, choosing the right firm is vital to your career success. Here are some points you can expect from a great allied healthcare staffing firm when making your decision.

They are healthcare industry specialists. When your career is on the line, you can’t afford to choose a firm that just dabbles in allied healthcare travel staffing. This industry has a unique set of challenges that requires focus and expertise to address.

They are well respected. Choose a firm that is a true thought leader. There are always firms that others look to in order to keep up with industry trends, regulations and best practices. Isn’t your career worth working with the best in the business?

They have a depth and breadth of opportunities. The most in-demand employers will want to ally themselves with the best staffing firms. For the best selection of top jobs look for industry leaders.

They have a repeatable process. Do they take time to understand your goals, interests and projected career path? Do they really talk to you to make sure they match you with the right assignments, or do they seem like they would just take anyone?

They offer a strong support program. Retaining the best allied health professionals depends on taking care of every aspect of their experience. Ask what resources they offer for allied health travel professionals to keep you safe and happy on your assignments.

They can provide references. Will they let you speak to current or former candidates or provide testimonials you can read? A great firm will have plenty of satisfied people for you to speak to.

They communicate consistently. When you are on assignment, your agency contact is your lifeline. Do they respond to you promptly, patiently answer questions and provide you with the resources you need?

They let you focus on your job. Your allied healthcare staffing firm takes care of all of the details for you; making sure your credentials are in order, arranging travel and housing and providing continuing education resources so that all you have to worry about is doing a great job.

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