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6 Best Practices for Writing an Effective Travel ICU Nursing Resume

When you put together a resume for your work in the ICU, you want to do it in a way that makes you stand out so the hiring manager really takes notice. You want the resume to really show what you can do.


Here are six tips on making your resume shine.

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Keep it short.

A one-page resume is best, even if you have a lot of experience under your belt. You may protest that you won’t be able to include all of your accomplishments. But this is missing the point. Everything is relative. When putting together a resume, think about the purpose of each line – why are you putting it in there?

For example, you may have been a college tennis champion, but what purpose would that serve on your resume if you are applying for an ICU nursing job? By paring down your resume to just one page, it will include only your most impressive professional accomplishments – the best of the best, so to speak – which will impress the hiring manager more.

Put your best stuff up front.

The first part of your resume should include what you accomplished in your previous employment and what skills you have; just the essentials. The place to go into detail is during the interview. The purpose of the resume is to pique a hiring manager’s interest.

Use bullet points and short sentences. Make the first five words of your bullet points count, and keep them to two lines. A hiring manager is unlikely to spend a lot of time reading through large blocks of print. Use strong, active verbs.

You can save the education listings until later.

Don’t put any information in the center of the page.

We read from left to right. People are not used to looking at the middle of the page to begin reading.

Put your dates of employment and location on the right hand side of the page to prevent everything from running together in your work history section.

Keep your font the same size and no smaller than 10 point.

This makes the resume easier to read. If you need to emphasize something, you can use boldface, italics or underlining, although not too often.

Be consistent with boldface.

You can use boldface to emphasize certain aspects of your background. For example, if you use it to highlight the jobs you have had, it might be easier to see how your career has progressed.

Put your skills in a separate section.

This makes it easier for the hiring manager to see what they are.

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