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Five Great Locations for Travel Nursing

There are plenty of great reasons to decide to become a traveling nurse. You have a chance to enhance your skills and experience; you get to visit new and exciting places; and best of all, travel nurses generally receive outstanding pay and excellent benefits.

It can be a little bit more difficult to decide where you want to go. One challenge many of our nurses experience is deciding where to go next! To help, we’ve highlighted five of the top destinations for traveling nurses:

Austin, TX – If you’re seeking a city that is a little bit off the beaten path, the state capital of Texas is a great place to explore. Austin is a city of creative and progressive people who have created a great environment for the arts, and live music. With mild winters and a cost-of living that is lower than the national average, Austin is an increasingly popular destination for traveling nurses.

Boston, MA – As home of some of the country’s top medical facilities, Boston is an obvious choice for traveling nurses. There are consistently more opportunities in Boston than almost any city in the country. The city has a rich history as well as some beautiful architecture and landscaping. It’s also a great place to enjoy shopping, sports, and a great nightlife scene.

Honolulu, HI – Hawaii is one of the most popular destinations for traveling nurses for obvious reasons. Who can resist the tropical beaches and lush vegetation of the islands? Honolulu offers more than just sunbathing and surfing; the city is home to several great museums and galleries as well as wonderful dining. As it is one of the country’s fastest growing metro areas, the need for healthcare professionals is great.

San Francisco, CA – There is a constant need for healthcare professionals in the “City by the Bay.” San Francisco features unique districts for just about every type of personality. No matter what your interests are, you can probably find an area in the city to enjoy.

Tampa, FL – If you’re looking for warm weather, Tampa might be a good choice. The city is the home of Tampa General Hospital, known for its groundbreaking cardio program, and The Moffitt Cancer Center, one of the country’s top cancer centers. It is within driving distance to Florida’s amusement parks as well as beautiful sandy beaches.

The needs and preferences vary from person to person. Someone who is interested in arts and culture may choose to work in a different city than someone who is more interested in nature and the outdoors. If you need help selecting the right destination, or finding a travel nursing program in your dream city, contact MedPro today.

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