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5 Tips for Writing an Effective Travel OT Resume

A resume is essentially an advertisement. It is a way of selling yourself. It has to pique the interest of the employer enough to want to talk with you. How can you sell yourself most effectively? You need to be clear, simple, and direct, to show not just what you do, but what you can do. Here are a few tips.


Use a format that is easy to read.

Don’t make the hiring manager have to hunt for things. You are lucky if your resume gets 30 seconds of attention on the first go-round. Make sure it is easy to read and well organized. Try to keep it to one page.

Have some method to your organization. Make sure you have wide margins, clear headings, and easy-to-read type. Use boldface and italics discerningly to help the reader focus. Use bullet points to highlight important information, such as your accomplishments.

Focus on your achievements, not just your job responsibilities.

Most companies and healthcare organizations are looking for people who can add value to the organization, contribute to the bottom line. So, if they see you as simply a replaceable cog in the machine doing the same thing the previous person did, why should they hire you?

Show how you can solve their problems within the occupational therapy sector. You need to focus on your accomplishments. Start with a very brief description of each job you have had; then list your accomplishments in that job.

Be specific.

When you talk about what you have done, to make it more compelling, provide facts and figures. Show how what you did impacted the healthcare organization as well as its patients.

Watch spelling and grammar.

Make sure your resume is error free with regard to spelling and grammar. This could knock you out of consideration quickly. A hiring manager might wonder how careful you will be on the job if you cannot get things right on your resume.

Replace an objective with a career summary.

Writing an objective is not necessary. The hiring manager knows what your objective is – to get hired for the job you are applying for. So, it’s pretty much a waste of space. Instead, begin with a career summary that will grab the hiring manager’s attention, one that explains how you can add value to his or her company.

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