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5 Tips for Finding an Echo Technologist Travel Job

If you’re looking for work as a traveling echo technologist, we’ve put go together five tips to help you do just that. Take a look below.

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Get some experience.

Most travel healthcare staffing agencies are looking for people with at least a year or two of experience under their belt. That is because the agencies’ clients need people with experience. Healthcare organizations are looking for people to help when there is a sudden increase in patient load, or to fill in for people on vacation or after a layoff.

The facilities need people who can make an immediate contribution; people who don’t need much training and can come in and have an impact right away. You will be much more likely to land a position with a travel healthcare agency if you have that experience.

Research travel healthcare staffing firms.

Find out which agencies specialize in travel assignments and which place echo technicians. Some companies only deal with certain professions, so check on that as well. Look at what the companies offer, their track record, and any testimonials.

Choose more than one agency.

There is no problem initially working with more than one agency. However, if you take an assignment from one agency, you need to stay with that agency. It is highly unprofessional to drop the agency simply because you got a better offer from another firm.

Know how to work with the agency recruiter.

The recruiter will review your skills and experience, talk with you about your professional aspirations, and learn as much as he can about you to evaluate if you would be a good candidate for a traveling position.

The recruiter is working for you and for his client healthcare facility, so be honest with them. If you have any incidents in your job history that may raise a red flag, let the recruiter know up front. Give the recruiter some indication of your travel preference, whether you can travel around the country, or would prefer something in your local area.

But, while the recruiter is evaluating you, you should evaluate him as well. If he is too insistent on placing you in a position you don’t want, if he is rude or not responsive to your needs, drop the firm. There are others you can go to.

Ask questions.

The recruiter has a lot of information that can be very helpful to you. He will know a good deal about the positions that are open, and will know more than is included in the job description. He knows about the healthcare organizations as well. He acts as a liaison with the organizations you are interested in, passing along questions you may have, getting information, and negotiating a salary.

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