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5 Tips for Finding a Travel Imaging Tech Position

If you are an imaging technician interested in traveling as part of your work, you might be in a quandary as to how you go about finding job openings in different areas of the country. There are job boards, and you could find information there and send a resume. But how effective is that? Is there a better way? Yes, there is. Here are a few tips.

Use a healthcare travel staffing firm.

This is probably the most efficient and effective way to find a travel healthcare position. Healthcare travel staffing firms have the know-how and the resources to put you in touch with employers and find you the right job. Recruiting agencies have a network of contacts in the traveling healthcare sector. They know where the job openings are. They probably also know about jobs that have not been advertised yet because of their contacts. Some jobs are never advertised because healthcare organizations work directly with staffing agencies to fill them.

A recruiter at the firm will talk to you about your skills, experience, and what your career goals are to find out as much about you as he can to determine if you are a good fit for work as a traveler. The recruiter will try to learn more about your background than what appears on the resume.

The recruiter will also have a good deal of knowledge about the positions that are available, more than what appears in the job description. They will also know about the organizations themselves and whether you would be a good fit for a particular place.

Be honest with the recruiter.

The recruiter is working on your behalf, so it is in your best interest to keep the lines of communication open, and to be honest with the recruiter about your background.

Put your best foot forward.

When you meet with the recruiter, treat it as you would any job interview. You are trying to sell yourself to land a travel assignment. The recruiter is there to help you, but he or she is also trying to determine if you have the right skills and experience to meet the qualifications for available openings.

Be prepared to ask questions.

When you meet with the recruiter, this is your opportunity to ask questions as well. The recruiter knows a lot about the healthcare organizations he works with. You can talk to him about these places to find out what it is like to work there. You will be able to get information from the recruiter you could not learn otherwise.

Be prepared to work on your resume.

Recruiting services are experienced in working with job applicants. They know what makes a good resume, one that will make you stand out. After talking with you, they may ask you to make changes to your resume, to add information that can help you sell yourself to an employer.

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