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5 Tips for Effective Travel Nursing Resumes

As a travel nurse, you focus your time and effort on patient care. But, preparing your resume should be an essential part of your career. Travel nurses have unique skills and experience that should be highlighted on a resume to effectively market yourself to prospective employers.

An updated resume is an essential part of your career.
Follow these 5 tips to ensure your resume represents your accomplishments and travel nursing experience effectively:

Update after every assignment.
After each travel assignment, update your resume with details including unit size, specialty, and specific tasks, duties and accomplishments during your time there.

Use buzzwords.
Make sure to include “buzzwords” that healthcare facilities and employers may look for when reviewing resumes. Make it easy for prospective employers to see where you have been and the work you’ve done. And don’t take any shortcuts. For example, rather than writing just “Emergency Room,” include all names: “Emergency Room (ER).”

Include the type of facility.
In addition to your unit and duties, don’t forget to include the type of facility when listing your positions (eg. Magnet, Teaching, Trauma, etc).

Prepare several different versions of your resume.
If you have experience in two very different types of units, prepare a resume that highlights each specific specialty separately. This will allow employers to focus specifically on the experience pertinent to the specific area for which you are applying.

Highlight personal skills.
Skills specific to travel nurses can get lost in a resume, with all the attention being paid to duties and roles. Be sure to note how, as a travel nurse, you demonstrate flexibility and the ability to adapt to change and new environments. These skills are appealing to every employer!

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