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5 Reasons to Consider a Travel Therapist Career

There are perhaps countless reasons to think about becoming a travel therapist. Here are the top five:

First, an explanation: a travel therapist is a licensed therapist (physical, occupational, speech) who travels around a state, region or even the United States on short-term assignments at different therapy facilities and hospitals. Most assignments are about three-six months in length, although they can be longer or shorter [some assignments can last a year.

Reason 1) Not only will you be able to travel the country, seeing new sights and meeting new people, but your therapy skills will improve tremendously. Why? You’ll be practicing in all manner of facilities – from hospitals in well-to-do locations to free clinics in rural areas and all types in between. You’ll help patients from all socio-economic backgrounds. You’ll learn new ways of doing things and you’ll work with some of the most high-tech (as well as low-tech) equipment available today.

Reason 2) Free housing. That’s right: Free! Not all travel staffing firms offer free housing to their traveling therapist, but most do (and MedPro Healthcare Staffing is one of them). We’ll provide you with a modern and clean apartment in a safe and pleasant complex near your assignment. Many of our apartments have pools and even fitness facilities! If you prefer to find a place on your own, we can give you a housing stipend to help you pay for the most of your housing or even all of it.

Reason 3) Terrific per diem rates! You could end up making more per diem than the “permanent” colleagues with whom you’ll work while on assignment. In addition, MedPro offers loyalty and referral bonuses to our therapists. You could win up to $20,000 more a year in referral fees. You also could earn one or more Apple iPads!

Reason 4) Travel staffing services such as ours also provide generous health benefits and 401(k) retirement plans.

Reason 5) You’ll be working in facilities where your expertise will be highly valued. Our partner healthcare facilities come to us for their staffing needs because they are short-handed and/or have a large patient case load. They often are desperate for the help you provide them. You’ll be a true hero to the facility as well as to their patients.

If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits working as a travel therapist provides, contact one of recruiters today! We look forward to hearing from you!