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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Becoming a Travel Pharmacist

Becoming a travel pharmacist is a great way to shake up your pharmacy career. Pharmacy work can be repetitive, but as a travel pharmacist you can add a little adventure to your day by changing your environment.

You’ll still be using the skills you have worked so hard to develop, but in a variety of new locations. You can stay reasonably close to home if you like or travel nationwide to enjoy your favorite sights and weather.

DON’T assume that travel pharmacy means that you have to accept assignments all over the country if you don’t want to – you may very well be able to stay close to home.

DO keep an open mind. Don’t automatically refuse assignments because of the location, hours or type of facility. You may be pleasantly surprised.

DON’T be a stick in the mud. As a pharmacist, you may have work routines that help you to be more efficient, but unless it effects patient care or quality of service, try not to worry.

DO adapt to the procedures of your assigned facility. Don’t go in to a new setting and cause upheaval by rearrange things or changing processes when you are only going to be there for a few weeks.  Also avoid getting involved in gossip or facility politics. Remaining above the fray will reduce your stress and demonstrate your professionalism.

DO arrive with a positive attitude. A new location can be uncomfortable at first, but the key to being an

excellent travel pharmacist is adapting well to change. Be friendly and approachable. Learn people’s names and try to participate in off-site events like happy hours or invite someone for coffee.

Are you interested in learning what your options are in travel pharmacy? Contact MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We can help you find rewarding opportunities for you to use your skills and experience in almost any kind of facility, wherever you would like to work.