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While you might have a certain place in mind for your next assignment, there is always the chance there will not be a job available in your preferred location available. What do you do?

While it might seem out of your comfort zone, traveling to a new place can teach you many life lessons, and can be a lot of fun!

Here are five benefits of choosing an assignment in an unexpected new location!

1. It makes you stronger

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Taking an assignment in a new place as an Allied health professional can teach you about your emotional strength. While you might be more inclined to choose a place because you have family there or think you will fit in better, choosing an unexpected place will challenge you more. It will teach you to make new friends and will also teach you about accepting and embracing change in your life.

2. You can cross it off your bucket list


Are you someone who has many different places you would like to visit on your bucket list? This is your chance to cross some of them off! If you’ve always wanted to visit Florida, it could be cool to visit a different place within the state and have it surprise you. Go explore the area and see what it’s like to travel out of your comfort zone!

3. You become more adaptable

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Taking an assignment in an unexpected place as an Allied healthcare professional means that you were willing to be more flexible with your location. Flexibility and adaptability are great skills to have. Being in an environment that you never thought you would see yourself in can teach you to thrive in different kinds of areas, workplaces, and to work with others better. You’ll also have to be more resourceful to navigate this new place on your own, which can help you grow as a person.

4. It forces you to explore

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While you might have planned to go to Florida where you have some family or another area that you might be more familiar with, traveling to new place forces you to get out there and see what it has to offer—even if it’s something as simple as looking for a place to grab lunch. If you’re a social butterfly, you’ll have to go out and find new places to meet people, listen to music, and see what the area has to offer. Are you an adventurer? Going to a new place means new breathtaking spots to explore.

5. It can make you better at your job

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Traveling to places you didn’t expect to go means meeting all kinds of new people from different cultural backgrounds and upbringings. You’ll get to work in many different environments, ultimately making you a more adaptable, and better, team player.