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4 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a PT Position

During a job interview for a PT travel assignment, the hiring manager is attempting to gauge a candidate’s fitness for the job and how well he or she will fit in with the healthcare organization. But interviews should be a two-way street – the job applicant is evaluating the organization as well, trying to determine if it is the kind of place where he or she would be happy working.

So, if you find yourself in the position of interviewing for an assignment as a PT traveler, what questions should you ask that will help you to best evaluate the organization and the job you are interested in? There are many you could ask. Here are five we think you should ask. They are questions that should elicit valuable and insightful information.

  1. Why is this assignment necessary? The answer to this question could clue you in to drawbacks of the assignment. For example, maybe the reason for the opening is that a PT left the organization. Why did he or she leave? Did the person have conflicts with the supervisor? Was the person’s performance considered not good enough? Answers to these questions might give you an idea of what you might encounter if you took the assignment
  2. How will you measure performance and what do you consider to be good performance? The answer to this question should help you pin down more precisely what the employer is looking for from the person who fills the position. It should give you a good idea of what you will need to do to keep your employer happy.
  3. What kind of professional development programs do you have? Even travelers – particularly those on a six-month assignment – can use professional development. An organization that values professional development is one that values excellence in its patient care.
  4. What are the immediate and long-range goals of your healthcare organization? The answer to this question will tell you something about what is important to the organization, what it values the most. For example, is growth uppermost on the list of priorities? Does it want to expand to increase revenue, and if so, how does this goal connect to providing good care to patients?

If you’re a physical therapist with at least two years of recent professional experience and you’d like to learn more about the opportunities as a PT traveler, contact the recruiters at MedPro Healthcare Staffing. We encourage you to contact us today to see if this type of PT career appeals to you.