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4 Advantages of Working with a Travel Healthcare Staffing Firm

Looking to strategically staff your healthcare facility? Travel healthcare recruiting firms can fill a vital staffing role in your staffing plans. Here are four ways that your recruiting partner will be able to assist you:

Working to fill future openings.

Because of what they do, travel healthcare recruiting firms have knowledge of the labor market for travel healthcare staff. The firms know what talent is available, where there might be surpluses or shortages in particular areas. They would also know what jobs are in demand and areas where demand might be less.

This can help your healthcare organization if you foresee a need in a particular area. The travel recruiting firm can let you know what to expect during your search for travelers, whether it may take a longer time to fill the position, or if you can expect to fill it more quickly. This helps your healthcare facility with planning.

Working to get passive candidates.

If you anticipate a need in a particular area that is in high demand, a travel recruiting firm can give you an advantage in the job market because of the firm’s network. Staffing firms develop industry networks through the people they contact, recruit and hire. The firms get to know professionals in different healthcare sectors. They know people whom they might be able to recruit even though those people are not actively looking, but who may be willing to make a move if they get the right travel assignment were to come along.


A recruiting firm can help your organization be more proactive by helping to advance your organization’s brand. When dealing with travel healthcare candidates, the staffing firm can act as your organization’s representative in selling your organization to them. They can let candidates know what is unique about your organization, what your culture is like, and why they would want to accept a travel assignment there.

All of this helps to establish your organization as an attractive place to work, and one that will attract more travel candidates as a result.

Streamlining the process.

Working with a healthcare travel recruiting agency can help you streamline your hiring process and conserve resources. Recruiting firms will do the preliminary vetting process of candidates so you don’t have to. You get a shortlist of the most qualified people, instead of having to winnow out a large number of applicants. The recruiting firm does the background and qualification checks, saving you time, labor and money. What’s more, the travelers are the staffing firm’s employees, not yours. This saves you considerably in insurance, benefits and other costs.

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