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3 Tips on Using Your Medical Tech Alumni Networks as a New Career Springboard

Networking among fellow alumni is not all that different from networking in general, although there are a few advantages.

First, these are people you already know and have developed relationships with. You don’t have to start from scratch introducing yourself as you would with someone else. Here are a few tips on networking with alumni from your healthcare training program.

Nurture these relationships.

For example, one person tells the story about a former classmate who contacted him to ask if he would like to join a business venture. The problem is that this person had not heard from his classmate in more than 30 years. Needless to say, the person did not join the business venture.

Nurturing these relationships does not mean just sending them a Christmas card every year. You should take the time to converse with them several times a year. You should know what interests and excites them, so you know how to help them.

Focus on people, not numbers.

Career experts advise that when it comes to networking, the kinds of relationships you develop with people are more important than the number of people who are in your network. Simply focusing on numbers is not the best course to pursue, they say. You need to find the people who can help you.

So, the key to networking with alumni is to focus on a smaller group of people to maintain contact with. How do you choose whom to stay in touch with? During your time at school, you got to know these people, and you were probably able to see who were the most ambitious, the most capable, and the most driven. These are the people who are most likely to end up in positions with the power to help you. These are the people with whom you want to maintain relationships, if at all possible.

Give in order to get.

You are not likely to maintain cordial relationships with people if they feel you are just using them to advance your career. All take and no give will not help your networking at all. You need to be able to offer them something in return. Find out what they need, and see if you are able to help them. They will be much more eager to help you in return.

Your relationship truly needs to be one of friendship and warmth. You need to be generous to them with your time and talents, and you are likely to get much more in return.

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