3 Rules of Gift Giving

  1. Focus on what THEY want to receive, not necessarily what YOU want to give. Yes, you may want your husband or wife to lose weight, but if that’s not a priority for him or her, a gym membership isn’t the way to go no matter how much you think they’ll benefit.
  2. Give something they wouldn’t get for themselves. Great gift giving isn’t really about just saving the person money. If someone plays tennis and you buy them a few canisters of tennis balls, that’s nice.., but it’s not memorable. You want the WOW factor and that means…
  3. Make it personal. The gift should say I know YOU. I understand your wants and your dreams. I’ve been listening…

Now get to it!

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The customized dog bed is AMAZING!!!! I cannot express how much that means to me. You guys are awesome. She LOVES it I will send a pic from my phone in a few mins. Plus, it’s beautiful and PURPLE!! And so soft which she loves. She got really excited when I gave it to her. Thanks also for the gift card..”