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24 Powerful Words to Incorporate Into Your Travel Nursing Job Search Vocabulary

When you are interviewing for a job, there are certain things a hiring manager wants to hear and things they don’t want to hear. Here are a few of the words that will impress any hiring manager.

  • Initiative. This word signals you are a person who does not need to be told what to do. You take the bull by the horns and get started.
  • Measurable. The more you can cite metrics for your performance rather than vague descriptions, the more impressed the hiring manager will be. You need to be able to quantify your work.
  • Example. When you talk about your performance, you need to provide concrete examples of what you did. This will have a much greater impact.
  • Passionate. They certainly want to hear that you are passionate or enthusiastic about working at their healthcare organization or doing the job.
  • Asset. They want to know how you are going to add value to the organization; how you are going to be an asset. When you use the term asset, you are indicating you have unique skills and knowledge that you will bring.
  • Communicator. A top quality that employers look for is the ability to communicate effectively.
  • Quick study. Employers like to hear this because it tells them that you will get up to speed quickly.
  • Practical. You think things through. You use logic and reason to solve problems, rather than jumping into things headlong.
  • Persistent. This tells the hiring manager that you stick with it until you get it right. All of the know-how in the world is useless without persistence.
  • Recognized. Employers will be impressed if you can cite honors or recognition you have earned for past achievements.
  • Impact. This is a word that shows you can bring positive change to an organization in tangible ways.
  • Competence. This is an underused word according to some career experts. Employers want to know you can meet the requirements of the job, and this word assures them you can.
  • Direct. This tells them you can cut through the trivial and get to what matters.
  • Learned. You should use this word in connection with how you learned from your mistakes.
  • Commitment. This gives an indication of your dedication to the job and to the company.
  • Flexible. Things change quickly in healthcare. Workers need to know how to adapt. When you use this word, you are telling an employer you know how to change.
  • Solutions. Healthcare organizations have problems, and they are hiring you to find solutions. You need to let them know that is what you are about, finding solutions.
  • Honest. Employers want to know you are trustworthy.
  • Respectful. You can get along with others.
  • Punctual. You are professional.
  • Curious. You are always ready to learn and to look for new ways of doing things.
  • Accountable. You are responsible and do what you say you will.
  • Creative/Innovative. You are always looking for new ideas.
  • “We.” Using this word signifies you are a team player and willing to share credit with others.

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