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2017 Healthcare Staffing: How to Hit Your Goals

We’re just beginning a new year. There is no telling what challenges may arise in the coming months. One thing you can be sure of is partnering with a travel healthcare firm can help you reach your 2017 goals. Here are just a few examples of the difference the right firm can make:

Resolve Staff Shortages. Whether you are in a large urban area and facing increasing demand for services or located in a small rural environment where it’s tough to attract enough healthcare talent, your staffing partner’s got your back. Healthcare staffing firms source and screen nurses and allied health professionals on an ongoing basis, so you’ll always have access to a pool of proven talent. Whether you need to add to your permanent team or are looking for per diem or travel professionals, your healthcare staffing partner can be your ready source of vetted talent.

Reduce cost of hire. Hiring is expensive, particularly in the healthcare industry. Credentialing, testing and background checks can add up, particularly when you must vet many more candidates than you actually hire. A healthcare staffing firm has the resources in place to handle all these screening and sourcing details without increasing the cost of each hire.

Shorten time to fill. If you had an open position tomorrow, you would have to create a description, post it, screen resumes, schedule and conduct multiple interviews, make an offer and hope it is accepted. How long will all that take? If you work with a staffing partner, you can make one phone call detailing your needs and let them handle the rest. You may be able to have someone on-site and working in as little as 48 hours or less.

Adapt to demand spikes. Tired of staffing up during winter flu season or for summer sports injuries only to find yourself overstaffed once demand slows down? By working with a healthcare staffing partner you can keep a small core team on payroll and count on the flexibility of on-demand staffing.

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