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2016 Strategic Staffing Tips: How to Leverage Travel Healthcare Staff Effectively

What are your business plans for the new year? You may be opening a new location or implementing a new corporate policy. Perhaps you’re planning to add an additional department or increase your healthcare staff to meet growing patient demands. Whatever the reason, if you’re anticipating growth or the need for additional staff, you may want to consider bringing travel staff on board. Here’s why.

As you lay the groundwork for 2016 and begin to forecast your staffing needs, consider the following five ways to leverage travel workers:

  1. Cover employee leaves of absence. Do you have workers planning for maternity leave in 2016? Whenever one of your full-timers is out for the short or long term, you can fill out your staff with travel workers.
  2. Prevent full-time worker burnout. If you’re experiencing a staffing shortage over an extended period of time, it can be a huge drain on your full-time staff. Overtime pay is nice, but everyone needs a rest after a while. You can prevent burnout, preserve your permanent staff and avoid turnover by hiring temporary travel staff to help shoulder the caseload.
  3. Round out staffing levels during the holidays. Most full-timers look forward to the holidays to be with loved ones. Though your facility may be open 24/7/365, your workers will be looking to take at least a little time off. And you can allow more vacation time for your permanent staff by bringing on temporary travel workers.
  4. Staff up during facility growth. If it’s your peak season, you’re opening a new location or you have a need for additional workers due to growth or demand, travel workers can help you maintain a full staff while you search for permanent full-time employees.
  5. “Shop” for full-time healthcare employees. If you’re in search of new full-time workers to fill out your staff, you can get a free “test drive” with temporary travel workers. As they reach the end of an assignment, if a worker has meshed well with your facility, culture and his or her team, you just may wish to extend an offer for permanent placement.

The advantage of travel workers

Since they’re used to transitioning to new roles every 13 weeks or so, travel healthcare workers are highly adaptive and flexible. They learn quickly and will work hard to “hit the ground running” when they arrive at your facility. This can help you to easily maintain a full staff during a temporary shortage, or while you look for permanent workers.

In need of travel workers currently?

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