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10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Continuing Education Opportunities

Healthcare professionals are tops when it comes to continuing their education beyond the initial degree or certification. There’s perhaps no other professional sector that needs/is required to pursue CE.

Read below for 10 tips on how to make the most out of your own CE efforts.

  1. Set a schedule. Yes, you’re incredibly busy. It’s a wonder any healthcare professional has the time to pursue CE, it is necessary. Instead of leaving your required CE efforts to the last minute, schedule them into your year. Even scheduling them over multiple years is a good idea.
  2. Give yourself a dedicated study space. And we do not mean at the kitchen table. Instead, you need a quiet place where you can shut the door so that no one disturbs you. Or, at the very least, you need a spot where when your family sees you working, they know “it’s don’t bug you time”.
  3. If you have a full life (and who among us doesn’t?), sit down and think about the biggest challenges you’ll have between you and the successful completion of your CE course. Then think of ways you’ll beat the challenges, or work around them when (if?) they arise.
  4. Turn off the phone. Just turn it off. That means vibrate notifications, too.
  5. Take classes that interest you. That’s right – you’re allowed to take classes that thrill you. There are so many CE classes out there for every health profession, there’s bound to be one in yours that sounds like fun.
  6. Look at attending conferences. Many hold CE classes during the conference and you can get one, two or three seminars – and their CE credits – under your belt quickly.
  7. If taking a more traditional CE course (you’re in a classroom for a few days or over a period of weeks), remember your mantra when you originally went to school to receive your healthcare training: “Just don’t get behind.” Staying caught up in your coursework is possibly the most important – and relatively simplest – thing you can do to complete the course successfully.
  8. Consider partnering with a study buddy. This can be especially helpful if your CE course is longer than a day or two. You and your study buddy can be accountable to each other for getting the work done and can act as sounding boards for each other.
  9. Remember that not all CE courses need to be done in person. Hundreds of companies offer accredited CE courses online for every health profession.
  10. Finally, remember that there two main reasons to take CE courses:
    1. You have to stay certified, of course, but…
    2. CE courses can make you more employable and can also help you earn promotions and higher pay.

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