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10 Traits of Travel Nurses Born in September

Several studies have drawn a correlation between the time of year and specifically the month you are born and the forming of your personality. September is the ninth month of the year and includes the Virgo and Libra zodiac signs. Below are 10 personality traits of travel nurses who are born in the month of September. Take note of these if you or any of your fellow nurses are born this month to help navigate any situation.

Hard Working

You will hardly get to see a more hard-working nurse than one born in September. They are very serious about their job and profession and often put extra efforts to excel in their career and in life.

Great Speakers

September nurses are natural-born speakers. They have the immense quality of orating and huge power to convince others with their speech. The skill of speaking with the tone required in the specific situation is the most impressive quality they have.


The sarcastic nature of the nurses born in September shows itself quite often. However, they do not do it seriously and often restrict it for the appropriate time and place.


Those born in September never finish a task until it is just perfect. They are perfectionists in nature and are very serious about it. If you are working with them, they will make sure that you strive for perfection. Whatever they do, either it will be perfect, or they will not do it at all.

True Detectives

These nurses have an investigative mind and are challenged by discovering the unknown. They have very good analytical and logical skills that help them to investigate any matter including difficult diagnoses.

Believe in Self Improvement

Nurses born in September believe in self-improvement. They have developed a knack to analyze themselves and find their drawbacks. They do not only find them, but also work to improve them. These nurses always seek the opportunity to better themselves.


September born nurses are very tolerant and understanding. They are known as the individuals who are non-judgmental and who respect others views and beliefs. They are open-minded and always give a reasonable opinion on everything. You can easily trust them and be sure they will tell the truth. Sometimes they are too honest, but this is because they always say what they feel.

Over Thinkers

People born in September always overthink everything. These nurses consider a million possibilities and allow ‘what ifs’ to go through their heads. Sometimes it can be annoying because their careful decisions lead to the right ones, and because of that they rarely get into trouble.


People that are born in September are known as caring, kind and loving people making them a great fit for a career in nursing. They are selfless and open which works as a magnet that attracts everyone towards them.

Easily Bored

Those born in September are adventurous and energetic and love to act, so they get bored quickly. These nurses love when something happens around them, so they always find new ways to keep themselves busy. Since they find happiness in the smallest of things, everything can be fun for them.

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