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10 Questions to ask a Travel Job Agency

10 Questions to ask a Travel Job Agency

Are you a recent allied health graduate or an experienced allied health professional? Or maybe you are in the early stages of considering an allied health career. Regardless of where you are in your journey, travel job agencies are available to help to connect you with hospitals and other medical facilities. Travel job agencies generally have your best interest at heart, but it is still important to make sure you are asking the right questions. Here are 10 questions to ask a travel job as an allied health professional.

Do you have an in-depth training program?

You do not need to know everything before working with travel job agencies. Every job and every state has different training requirements. The best travel job agencies have results driven training programs for their applicants. This may include specific on the job or clinical training, and/or training for the interview. The best travel job agencies would never send you into an interview unless you are totally prepared for the task.

What if the job I am paired with does not end up being a good fit?

The best travel job agencies have long-standing relationships with hospitals and medical facilities across the country. Before connecting an applicant with a hospital, they would make sure your qualifications and personality match well with the job. If, by chance, you feel like the assignment is not a great match, not to worry! Reputable agencies would have a plan for that and can help make sure you are matched into a more ideal situation.

Do you have a hospitality program?

An allied travel job consists of a lot more than just showing up for work. The top travel job agencies have hospitality experts on staff to make your assignment as comfortable as possible. The agency can help you find the best places to live, best places to eat, help with transportation and more. You should also be provided with a welcome package that includes everything you would need to know about living in your new town.

Is this a one-time deal or will you help me again in the future?

Travel jobs are generally meant to be short term. This means you will need to be paired again and again and again. A quality recruiter can follow you on your journey from graduation to retirement. For a top travel job agency, this is a long-term relationship. Recruiters will be thinking 10 steps in the future to make sure you are gainfully employed for as long as you would like.

What if I live in Florida, but want to work in California, how will I get the proper credentials?

It is true that every state has its own rules and requirements in order to practice in that state. The best travel job agencies are familiar with the license and credential process for all 50 states. Do you need to take an additional exam? Your recruiter will help you apply and study for that exam. You are never in it alone when working with a travel job agency.

If you have tons of applicants, will you just use a cookie cutter approach with me?

While there are tried and true methods for a successful travel job placement, every situation is different. Make sure you a provided with a custom plan. These custom plans should include everything from how to prepare for the interview to where to live. Are you traveling with your family or will they be staying behind? The recruiter should take every member of your family into account.

Moving to a new town is expensive; do you have a reimbursement program?

Housing, transportation, food, recreation. Life is expensive, especially when you are constantly traveling for work. Quality travel job agencies will have established reimbursement programs. This could be an agreement with your new job or with the agency itself. Top travel job agencies will make sure you are the best financial position you can be when you start and end your allied health assignment.

This is my first travel job; would you help me get settled in?

Moving to a new town can be scary, especially when only living there for a short period of time. The best travel job agencies will help you every from negotiating housing costs to setting up a bank account. Your safety should be and is the top priority. A good recruiter will make sure you are in a safe situation in your new home and to and from your new job.

I currently live out of the country, what can you do to help me work in the United States?

The best travel job agencies also have an international program. Staffing shortages at facilities across the country mean an ideal job market for foreign-educated allied health professionals. The travel job agency should be helping you with applying for and receiving your work permit and other immigration requirements. Make sure the agency has an assimilation program which includes language instruction. There are several exams you will need to take to be qualified to work in the United States. When working with a reputable recruiter, you will have an on-call tutor and friend ready to help.

I have other friends who are allied health professionals. Do you have a referral program?

A paycheck from your new job is not the only way for an allied health professional to make money. The best travel job agencies will have robust referral programs. These programs pay you when you refer friends or family to their agency. This could mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket with minimal work involved. You will potentially be helping your friend or family member find a job while also helping a medical facility fill a needed role.

We can help you on your journey!

Working with travel job agencies when making your career decisions will save you time, money, and stress! MedPro provides training, support, and one-on-one guidance from start to finish. We have connections and established partnerships throughout the country to place you in the career of your dreams. Contact us today to get more information or start your journey!